BLAHS for Artist's

Blahs for Artists

We make theatre, performance, interactive experiences and workshops that are genuinely about the lives of children and young people – led by what matters to them.

We’re always looking for artists to collaborate with. Do you have an idea or an issue you want to explore? Could we collaborate on a project for and with children and young people? Things we might be able to offer include:

  • Opportunities to work or collaborate in new ways
  • Help to get your project off the ground
  • Ways into forming links with schools and families to help develop your work
  • A community in which to think, create and share ideas
  • Ways of platforming or sharing your work

Whether it’s a book, play, film, a digital project or just the beginnings of an idea, we’d love to hear from you, so get in touch.


Current Opportunities

Check back here regularly for the latest opportunities, but for now, have a look at our current projects below.


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Project | Heartbeats

Heartbeats is a new project between Creative Minds and The Blahs to look at how arts and creativity can make the stay better on the Children’s Ward.