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Blahs for Families

We create experiences for children and their grown ups to have fun, learn new things and get creative together. They also help spark important, open conversations about the things that matter. We do this through theatre shows, plays, films and online content, interactive encounters and workshops – and everything that we make is led by the lives of children and young people, and the things they care about.

We collaborate with families from our local community and beyond discovering their cultures, experiences, and passions along the way.

By getting involved with our activities children and their families:

  • Try out new and exciting cultural activities
  • Unleash their inner artist and discover new passions
  • Have fun learning new things together
  • Find ways to tell their own stories
  • Feel part of a community and get to know other people with similar interests
  • Discover stories they didn’t know about
  • Bond as a family


Families can enjoy these projects created with the knowledge, interests, and experiences of children and young people:

Stirring Up the Past

Project | Stirring Up the Past

A FREE storytelling walk around Leeds city centre for everyone aged 9+.
HIDDEN GARDEN Square 1 - Full Image

Project | The Hidden Garden

We have teamed up with national charity, Trees for Cities, to bring a story of gardening, friendship, and food to children.