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About The Blahs

For 37 years, The Blahs have collaborated with artists, schools, families, and arts organisations to explore stories that matter to children and young people. Together, we have taken those stories to wherever they are needed and where they are accessible including schools, theatres, community settings, museums, playgrounds, hospitals and online.

We’re passionate about reaching people who might not usually engage with the arts or feel like creativity is for them. We’ve madequality participatory theatre and projects for and with some of the most marginalised children and young people in the country, their parents, carers and teachers. We do this by providing environments in which they can have fun, be creative, express themselves and be themselves.

We make theatre shows, interactive experiences and workshops that are genuinely about the lives of children and young people and what they are interested in and don’t shy away from difficult or challenging subjects and ideas.

We are always looking for artists and schools to collaborate with. If you are interested in getting involved, or you have an idea, contact us.


Children and young people lead us in exploring important stories with artists, families, schools, and students. Here are their stories:

Stirring Up the Past

Project | Stirring Up the Past

A FREE storytelling walk around Leeds city centre for everyone aged 9+.

Project | Heartbeats

Heartbeats is a new project between Creative Minds and The Blahs to look at how arts and creativity can make the stay better on the Children’s Ward.
A Hidden Garden

Project | The Hidden Garden

We have teamed up with national charity, Trees for Cities, to bring a story of gardening, friendship, and food to children.