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Blahs for Schools

We’ve got 37 years of working with schools including performances, workshops, CPD for teachers,  training in the classroom and helping you explore challenging topics and conversations through creativity. We collaborate with children, young people, and teachers from primary and secondary schools, producing experiences for and with them.

Get in touch if you want to work with us and we can help:

  • Make schools and classrooms more creative
  • Enhance the arts education at your school
  • Get learners excited about the arts
  • Find interesting ways to connect with your local community
  • Explore diverse cultures, ideas and perspectives
  • Children and young people find their voice and tell their own stories
  • Teach and engage with learners in new and exciting ways


These projects have been built from the knowledge, passions, interests, and experiences of children and young people:

Stirring Up the Past

Project | Stirring Up the Past

A FREE storytelling walk around Leeds city centre for everyone aged 9+.
HIDDEN GARDEN Square 1 - Full Image

Project | The Hidden Garden

We have teamed up with national charity, Trees for Cities, to bring a story of gardening, friendship, and food to children.