Stirring Up the Past

Stirring Up the Past

A FREE storytelling walk around Leeds city centre for everyone aged 9+.

Take a walk through Leeds and go on a journey back in time to hear from some amazing people from history. All you need is a mobile phone or MP3 player and headphones to enjoy this entertaining and engaging sound experience perfect for families and groups. You will hear stories about:

Jogendra Sen – a brave young soldier who fought to defend a country that he’d just arrived in.
Leonora Cohen – a daring suffragette who was sent to prison for fighting for what she believed in.
Pablo Fanque – a Victorian celebrity, whose famous circus became the scene of a huge disaster.
Michael Marks – a market-stall owner whose Penny Bazaar became one of the world’s most famous stores.

It all started in the centre of Leeds.


Children and young people lead us in exploring important stories with artists, families, schools, and students. Here are their stories:


Project | Heartbeats

Heartbeats is a new project between Creative Minds and The Blahs to look at how arts and creativity can make the stay better on the Children’s Ward.
HIDDEN GARDEN Square 1 - Full Image

Project | The Hidden Garden

We have teamed up with national charity, Trees for Cities, to bring a story of gardening, friendship, and food to children.